A Serene Tale of River


CRL Fletcher was eager to write a textbook in the early 1900’s that would align young school going children with his view of England’s historical development. To do this, he had to include a short history of England that served as an introduction to the first chapter of his textbook, A History of England. By this time,Kipling had already penned The Jungle Book and Just So Stories for Little Children. His immense popularity amongst young readers prompted Fletcher to collaborate with Kipling. The River’s Tale is the poem that Kipling wrote as a result of this collaboration. Continue reading A Serene Tale of River

Was Jane Austen in Love with Shakespeare?

500 years ago a man called William Shakespeare was born 23rd April 1564 in Stratfford upon Avon. He was quite famous for his work as was he for his sexual escapades. He had many relationships with many women and also with a man.

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The LGBT Gatha of the land of ‘Kamasutra’


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Deepa Mehta’s film, Fire, follows the story of Sita, who is a lesbian. This film was released in India in 2000. Soon after its release, 200 members of the Shiv Sena stormed a Mumbai theatre where Fire was being viewed and vandalized it. Theatres in Delhi, Surat and Pune got a similar reaction from political parties and stopped viewing the film on the same day. It is interesting to note that a film about lesbian relationships was treated with such disgust when ancient India had a culture that thrived on lesbians, gays and transgenders. Continue reading The LGBT Gatha of the land of ‘Kamasutra’

A Book That Has Changed The Politics Of The World

The Communist Manifesto‘ is a living example of the fact that pen is mightier than the sword.  At times, it happens so, that we shout out at the top of our voices, yet there is no one to hear us out. This book on the contrary, inconspicuously influenced the entire world and shaped certain parts of the world as we know them today.

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Map of Hell According to Dante Alighieri

The Roman Empire was the most powerful and significant Empire in the history of the world. It’s fall in the 5th Century AD changed the world in countless ways, implications of which are still present in the world today.

It’s fall also brought a new era of literature into being, that of Medieval literature. It would dominate the literary sphere for almost a millennium, giving way to the Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment.

Saganet is the Icelandic medieval literature collection of Images of manuscripts and books published before 1901.
Saganet is the Icelandic medieval literature collection of Images of manuscripts and books published before 1901.

As with all other periods of literature, it varied differently in genres, and spans various languages and regions along with catering to various strata in society, limited though they were at the time.

Though the period also coincides with the Dark Ages that Europe was in at the time, it marks a significant change from the Classical form of literature that existed till that time. Continue reading Map of Hell According to Dante Alighieri

The Artistic Side of Rabindranath Tagore

tagorenew--621x414Since time immemorial, we have grown up reading Rabindranath Tagore‘s works. We have always acknowledged and appreciated his works and he is regarded as one of the nest poets in India. But, little do we know about his artistic side. Besides writing, Tagore also indulges in painting! Infact even though he developed this hobby at the age of 63, the Rabindrabhavan at Viswabharati, Santiniketan  houses 1580 Paintings of Rabindranath  Tagore. This artistic side of Tagore was developed as a result of his doodling while writing poetry. Continue reading The Artistic Side of Rabindranath Tagore

Alice reclaiming her wonderland


A little girl makes a journey down the rabbit hole, only to discover a whole new universe waiting to be explored. Sounds like a perfect setting for a magical fairy-tale? Well, not so much so.

Lewis Carol’s exciting narratives about Alice’s journey to a world beyond this one, has managed to fan the wings of imagination of countless of children pan globe. The rousing narrative and innumerable escapades of the little girl beholds its readers in awe. However, over the years, the way in which this book has been received has undergone momentous several transformations. Continue reading Alice reclaiming her wonderland