For the Love of Literature

JLF is the largest free literary festival on Earth and it brings together an array of the finest, wittiest and the most remarkable thinkers and authors. This festival is traditionally held in the Diggi Palace in Jaipur, and started with a humble debut in 2006. It is now regarded as a cultural catalyst, exposing the audience to a continuous flow of ideas.

Jaipur literature fest_wl

This year the theme of the event is ‘the seven deadly sins’, and authors will discuss works related to the same. There will be special emphasis on poetry, the literature of Southeast Asia and the rich literary traditions of the seven sister states of northeast India. Other genres being covered include cricket writing, historical fiction, pirates, politics, spies and alternative sexualities.

Prominent persons who will be spotted at the event include Nobel Laureate Sir. V. S. Naipaul, German children’s author Cornelia Funke, celebrated novelist Amish Tripathi and American travel writer Paul Therous. So far the schedule includes Urdu, Rajasthani, Hindi, Manipuri, Kannadiga, Telugu, Pali, Sanskrit, Marathi, Punjabi and Tamil writers. The multiplicity of voices and breadth of languages found at the Festival is unparalleled amongst literary festivals in India and across the world.

Apart from the (not so) usual seminars and speeches, the festival also offers music evenings at Hotel Clarks Amer where live performances take place. Regular and delegate registrations are open online and it is advised to book in advance as thousands of screaming fans already have their hearts set on attending this renowned event.

From the mix-and-matched intellectuals standing on the podiums, to the mixing-and-matching on your programs to attend every possible seminar, Jaipur Literature Festival will provide a platform for creating different wholes out of many different parts.

By Sanjana Ahuja

About For a book lover, writer, interestingness hunter and a curious mind at large. We are blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

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