Pulitzer Pulled Off!

pulitzer-medalsFor all journalism and literature enthusiasts, if you haven’t already visited the official Pulitzer website, here’s what you are missing! We bring to you a news feed on the recently announced Pulitzer Prize 2015. For all those who aren’t acquainted with the prize, let us tell you that these historic awards (and when we say historic, we TOTALLY mean it, considering the fact that they were established in 1917) were instituted by an American publisher Joseph Pulitzer (Obviously, the Americans can do better than burgers and soft drinks :P) which are now administered by Columbia University, NYC (nice :P) for achievers in journalism and other forms of art and literature.

These awards have been pretty dynamic over the years in terms of various categories being added and eliminated. However, this year these awards were given away on April 20th under 2 broad categories; the first being “journalism” and the second being “books, drama and music”. These were further split into various other 21 sub divisions-public service, news reporting, feature writing, commentary, editorial writing, photography, fiction, drama, history, poetry, non-fiction, music etc.

One hundred and two judges are selected each year finalize the nominees and the winners AND also to not get paid. Seriously. The board isn’t paid. (Better win than judge one!).

Some of the fortunate winners who were presented with a whooping USD 10,000 and a certificate are Carol D. Leonnig of The Washington Post (national reporting), Adam Zyglis of The Buffalo News (editorial cartooning), The New York Times Staff (international reporting), “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr (fiction), “Digest” by Gregory Pardlo (poetry), etc.

The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC for public service was decorated with a Pulitzer gold medal.

To add more “gold” to your treasure trove of knowledge, do visit their official website http://www.pulitzer.org.

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