The magical mouse duo – Mickey and Minnie’s forbidden Love


Cartoonist by the name of Mr. Walt was an aspiring and hardworking artist. Born on December 5, 1901, at 2156 North Tripp Avenue in Chicago, one day he was coming back from a hard day at work and saw a rat running across his compartment.

He was amused and started doodling on a piece of paper. The result of these doodles was a mouse named Mickey.

Later on, he finished the artwork and through it, eventually moved to the next step of his creation – the ‘Walt Disney’ name that still echoes through the industry of entertainment. Loud and heavy.

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”1966_12_15_2

—Walt Disney, Disneyland; October 27, 1954    

Starting in the year 1928 with the first ever Mickey cartoon produced on the TV by the name of ‘Plane Crazy’, the goofy Mickey and his clever and moody girlfriend Minnie won the hearts of thousands. They appeared again constantly over the years, with slowly changing their appearances with wearing shoes for the first time in the episode titles ‘The Galiopin’ Gaucho’.

‘Steamboat Willie’ was the first Mickey Cartoon with synchronized sound in it.

Both the characters were initially voiced by Walt Disney himself, slowly other people taking up the mantle over time.

The shows and appearances have evolved and constantly changed over the years. But these characters have managed not only to stay onscreen, but to transcend the popularity level of the usual day-to-day cartoons. Be it merchandising, be it promotion or leading the charge of the ‘Disneyland’ playhouses created all around the world, they have broken records everywhere by now.

These characters – winning the Walt Disney franchise a lot of awards from kid’s choice to annual academy categories- changed the lives of all of us as kids, not to mention Mr. Walt’s.

old-mickey-mouse-1134-hd-wallpapersSome of the most notable shows and appearances of Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse – individually or as the wildly adores couple – are the Mickey Mouse Anniversary show (1968), The sorcerer’s Apprentice (1940), Disneyland (1954-2008), The Mickey Mouse Club (1955-1959), Mousercise (1983’s live action production that inspired the outfits for Disneyland), Mickey’s sing along songs and the Christmas shows in the late 1990’s and various video games, 3-d shows and new and old stories all during 2000 to 2010 (and till the date).

Mickie- the good at heart but a little bit dumb, and Minnie- The Cutest angry girlfriend you can think of, have changed the world of millions of kids during all these years, and are still inspiring young things to be creative, good at heart and be what you are through the cleverly written scripts of these shows, the Marvelous animation, jokes in the beginning and a moral in the end.

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