The epic Star Wars saga: back in action after 13 years


Star Wars – the big time sci-fi franchise- got even bigger with the release of its second ‘episode’ starring Jonathan Hales and George Lucas in 2002. Premiering as a part of the inaugural ‘Tribeca Film Festival’ at the BMCC Performing Arts Center in New York City on May 12.

With a terrific cast including the giants of the acting industry like Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Anthony Daniels and Frank Oz among others, the production work took a bit longer than expected, but when it came out, it became a masterpiece of science fiction.

The screening was set to benefit the Children’s Aid Society – a charity supported by the actor and director George Lucas. This event was followed by its screening at the 2002’s ‘Cannes Film Festival’. After these successful events, it was finally released worldwide on May 16, 2002.

Primarily shot at the Fox Studios located in Sydney (Australia), it’s considered as one of the finest works of the director George Lucas and the producer Rick McCallum.

The movie was a sequel to the first Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace released in 1999. Not only was it better received by the critics, it also became a huge commercial success.

The movie grossed a whooping $310,676,740 in North America.

Making another overwhelming $338,721,588 overseas, it made a worldwide total of $649,398,328.

Attack-Of-The-Clones-star-wars-4142050-1024-768The plot of the Episode picks up after ten years ahead of time after Anakin Skywalker and Padmé have met. They share a Romance and Obi-Wan investigates an assassination attempt on the Senator, only to discover a secret clone army that is crafted for the Jedi.

Two novels based on the movie were published later on. One was a tie-in junior novel written by Scholastic and the other was a novelization written by R. A. Salvatore, including some unique scenes that weren’t in the movie. A four-issue comic book adaptation on the movie was written by Henry Gilroy and published by Dark Horse Comics, which is still selling till this day, just like the rest of the merchandise and collaboration works of the Star Wars franchise.

The movie was nominated for an Oscar at the 2003 Academy Awards in the USA in the category ‘Best Visual Effects’.

But that wasn’t it for the masterpiece of sci-fi.

The ‘force’ was strong in this one, winning the movie 13 Awards and bagging it a total of 43 nominations. The range was WIDE, as the nominations were for best direction, costume, acting, special effects, science fiction film, actress, young actor performance, music and best DVD special edition release among other nominations.

In other words, pretty much everything.

And that’s what a masterpiece deserves after all!

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