The Bible and Flying Saucers


Barry Downing, a Presbyterian Minister is most notable for his book The Bible and Flying Saucers in 1968, which claims UFO phenomena are responsible for many of the events in the Bible. Downing is also an ancient astronaut proponent.

barry-h-downing-the-bible-and-flying-saucers-2The book takes an extraordinary look at how Jesus was in fact an extra-terrestrial being from outer space, sent to planet earth to rid the world from sin, evil and wickedness. What’s comical is the fact that he uses citations such as: Jesus was from another world (John 8:23) to support his claims. Downing also admits that he is a firm believer of the fact that Jesus didn’t die, rather he left in a flying saucer for another planet! In the book Downing claimed that angels from the Bible were actually aliens and that the “angelic aliens” spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai where he boarded a UFO to aliens_ufos_in_ancient_art_02receive stone tablets, and specifications for the construction of the Tabernacle. According to Downing, aliens spoke to Elijah and guided the ancient Israelites, providing them with manna in the wilderness. Downing also claimed in the book that a flying vehicle operated by intelligent alien beings was responsible for the parting of the Red Sea. Yes, all of the above said things are true and not made up. Jesus was an alien. Period.

It is very well researched in terms of the content of the bible. However, anything placed over and above that surely has to be speculation. Downing’s a man of bind faith and belief. Any amateur philosopher will tell you what’s wrong with this argument: God is perfect, perfection exists, and therefore god exists. It’s a fun read far from reality. Indulging in any thoughts of these events being true will prove to be foolhardy. It is hence advisable readers read this particular tale with utmost delight and without scepticism.

Written by


Vaibhav Sharma

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