What The Fuck


In terms of personal development, one can understand adolescence as a time when young people strive to go beyond local family ties to build a social network more in tune with their own values and that allows them to explore new things in the world with their own legs. With social networking being the rage among today’s youth and slangs and made-up words being at the tip of their tongue, it is no surprise that (Lo and Behold), WTF has been introduced in the dictionary. The OXFORD DICTIONARY.

Keeping up with time, The Oxford Dictionary describes WTF as “What the fuck?! (Used as an expression of incredulity or 7899409_Gannoyance).” This word was popularised by the social media and exemplifies the fact that technology touches lives. The Oxford Dictionary already contains, terms such as “fuck off” and with the influence of social media on all walks of lives, there has been a sudden influx of new English words in the English dictionaries. Many other words such as “photobomb”, “net neutrality”, “emoji”, etc. have also been added to various other dictionaries. We do wonder sometimes, that who is the creator of these words? Did someone specifically make them? or Did they emerge on their own out of nowhere? Let’s stick to the latter for now!

The fact still remains that, not every word spoken, can be included in the dictionary. There are so many other words, in use, which have yet not been included in the dictionary. Experts say that it’s a long process deciding which ones make the cut and which ones don’t. Editors closely track each word’s usage and enter it into the system as citation, along with quotations exemplifying its use in addition to source information.


Words need to be used in a substantial number of citations that come from a wide range of publications over a considerable period of time. Specifically, the word must have enough citations to allow accurate judgments about its establishment, currency, and meaning. Some of the new words are a bit more obscure but still common enough to fit the criteria. One such lol-omg-wtfword is Hsaing-waing, defined as a traditional Burmese musical ensemble consisting largely of drums and gongs.

These new introductions by various dictionaries have fetched mixed reviews, with some people supporting it. Some other people believe that they are merely creating more words for the illiterate to misspell and abbreviate and that this makes our society dumber. Accept it or not, these words are here to stay!

Written by

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Arjita Bhan


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