How to Train your Dragon: An incredible movie inspired by book

How_to_Train_Your_Dragon_(2003_book_cover)How to Train Your Dragon is a series of twelve children’s books written by British author Cressida Cowell. The books are set in a fictional Viking world and focus on the experiences of protagonist Hiccup and his tribe as they train Dragons as pets. The books have subsequently been made into a franchise consisting of two feature films of the same name, several short stories and an animated television series created by DreamWorks Animation.

The Vikings live on an island also inhabited by dragons. Hiccup is the son of Stoic the vast IMG_0465_copy.480x480-75who is also the leader of the tribe. Tradition has it that kids are supposed to train their own dragons or else they’ll be exiled. Hiccup catches a little dragon and names it toothless. The plot of the film is almost completely different from the first book in the series. The greatest change is how the Vikings in the book have the custom of capturing and training in combat against dragons even before the story begins – but in the film, they are fighting a fierce war against the dragons and only switch to training them after Hiccup shows that this can be done. Furthermore, 12Toothless is completely reimagined as an injured Night Fury dragon, a rare larger and highly intelligent breed that is capable of carrying human riders on its back as a flying mount. However, Cowell stated in her blog that she felt approvingly that the film remained “true to the spirit and message of the book.” Cowell also explained that she felt that the changing of media (novel to film) triggered a necessary change in plot and characters. The Green Death is renamed the Red Death in the film. And at the end of the movie, Hiccup loses his foot.


The books have become even more popular because of the movie franchise and rightly so. The series is a funny and smartly written tale which caters to children. The film on the other hand has entertained kids and adults alike. The film and its sequel are listed among the best animated movies of all time. The animation is impeccable; storyline brilliant. Considering the fact the film was just inspired by the book and created a storyline of its own, the film did wonders even more so. It’s a must watch for all age groups.

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Vaibhav Sharma

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