A Peak Inside the Pocket Notebook of Mark Twain


A writer is able to capture a reader’s attention with his writings, be it fiction, non-fiction or even his nonsensical doodles. It isn’t uncommon to ogle at their old pictures and diaries once they have passed. A reader associates whatever little is left of the writer with his writings.

twain1A look into their diaries is able to lend valuable insight about the writer’s though process. A writer is known to scribble a lot and a look at such scribbles will tell you exactly what he was thinking. It’s not much of snooping though, but still it is enough to satisfy the urge to be acquainted with a writer’s personal life.


We took a look at Mark Twain’s diary. An 1884 notebook in which Mark Twain ,”toying with the notion of a physician trying to write a play,” experimented with several hilarious character names. One such being Siphillis Briggs.


The content of Mark Twain’s personal notebooks with comments by Paine to provide contextual background to Twain’s comments and to explain the chronological gaps has been published. Paine had been working with Twain since as his biographer since January 1906 and had been taking daily dictations to be used in Twain’s autobiography. Paine concludes this book with his impressions of Mark Twain’s influence as a writer and a person.

Written by

vaibhav Sharma

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