Shakespeare Lovers Will Freak Out When They Find Out What Was Just Discovered

The greatest playwright of all time still continues to surprise us. His works have been of great significance over the past decades and continue to be read and re-read.

Certain librarians at the St. Omer Public Library in Northern France found a surprising relic while prepping for a presentation on English Literature.


Their findings revealed a surprising Shakespeare connection. Thus Eric Rasmussen a Shakespeare expert was roped in to analyse the findings.


The librarians were able to uncover Shakespeare’s first folio, which contains his earlier works all stored in one volume. The cover and first page were strangely torn off; however rest of the book was in pristine condition.


“This is huge,” Rasmussen told The New York Times. “First folios don’t turn up very often, and when they do, it’s usually a really chewed up, uninteresting copy. But this one is magnificent.”


The folio is as old as 1623 and contains 36 of his plays as well as a portrait, descriptions of nobility at the time, a list of principal actors and pieces of writing about Shakespeare by other writers.


800 copies of the folio were commissioned in 1623 and now it has an estimated worth of 5million dollars.


23 copies have been accounted for as of now; others are yet to be found. Each folio is slightly different from the other. The folio also contains handwritten notes about how the plays need to be performed. The folio will be displayed in the above library itself.




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