5 Best Scenes in Jurassic World That will Give You Goosebumps

The recent release of Jurassic World has stirred the audience and awakened the fans of Jurassic Park. This sci-fi adventure dino film has a lot to offer! We bring to you the best scenes from this movie! For all those who have seen it, we’re sure they can’t agree more, and for those who haven’t, well, sorry for the spoilers!

The Dinosaur Romp


The final scene of nostalgia appears in the epic finale of the dinosaur romp. The film’s hero, Owen, is forced to set loose his highly-trained pack of Velociraptors to try and dispatch of the fearsome Indominus Rex. The scene recalls a strikingly similar moment in the final scene of Jurassic Park, in which the T-rex and Velociraptors come to blows, allowing our heroes to escape.

The Futuristic bubble car


A futuristic bubble car with Gray and Zak, nephews of Claire, and game on. The boys make some poor decisions that land them near the mouth of one very large bipedal carnivore. Studious fans will notice the close up on the beast’s eye, and several other scenes in the film that show the Rex’s snout ominously drifting into a scene. Chris Pratt’s character Owen even hides under a car at one point.

The Dimorphodon attack


There is all kinds of intense dino action in the record-stomping new blockbuster Jurassic World, but there’s one sequence that has moviegoers hitting the proverbial deck: the Dimorphodon attack, which includes a grisly (and groundbreaking!) death that’s arguably one of the best in the film,

The Ankylosaurs Fight


The Ankylosaurs put up a good fight. Their built in armor and club-tail only fended off the far superior I-Rex for a little while but watching them battle was epic. The graphics and small little intricacies kept in mind are prise worthy!

The Waterfall Fall


The fearless kids jump into the waterfall. It was a near encounter with death and definitely one of the best falls seen. The next moment they are seen to light a match. Wonder how they did that after getting wet!

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