A Planet Named Bob Marley


Nothing catches the attention of a stoner than the promise of even more POT. When news broke out on the internet about NASA discovering a planet filled with marijuana, the entire world lost its mind. If the people were physically capable of actually traveling to that planet they would have already packed their clothes and pulled out their smoking pipes. But it was not to be. Being a literary enterprise our primary focus is on books, but who is to say we are not capable of doing both. Readers are known to occasionally smoke up and give books a read.

News is coming in that NASA is asking the people to name the planet via social media. So far Bob Marley is running riot with votes in the six digits. Some people however are not too psyched about the prospect of travelling such a long way just to smoke pot. Would the fact that this marijuana is 3000% more potent than any form of cannabis on Earth interest you? We are sure you are looking for your imaginary space suit right now!


The people who do not indulge in the in the whims and fancies of psychedelic plants have something to cheer about too. Apparently this planet is inhabitable (the obvious growth of marijuana indicates healthy level of oxygen). So if you need a change of scenery you know where to look. But mind you, your sobriety could be in danger. Like Tommy Lee Jones once said, “Sobriety is a struggle, not a state of being.”

For those of you, who lack the resources to actually make the journey, don’t be disheartened. Earth is a pretty green place too (if you know what I mean). The NASA has reportedly hired the best of Cannabis cultivators (such a thing exists) from around the globe to make the journey. Their job is to analyse the growth on Bob (who are we kidding. It is way cooler than X637Z-43 something) and do extensive research on its quality. In short they will be smoking the shit out of it. These people will then make the formidable journey back home and recreate God’s greatest creation on planet Earth. All our minds will be distilled from inside!

P.S. We apologise to the people out there who found truth in this. Let it be known that it’s not hallucination, its dreaming.

Compiled by


Vaibhav Sharma

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