5 Unique Way to Propose a Book Lover

Getting down on one knee and asking the question isn’t the hard part. The tricky part is how you plan to do it. Only the lame ones end up slipping the question casually, mid-conversation. However, if you wish to have a memorable moment and want to increase the probability of getting a yes, then we suggest you go for something a little more creative. Girls who are voracious readers are hard to please for obvious reasons. Their lives have always revolved around books and needless to say they are attracted to the extra-ordinary. Here are some ways in which you can propose to your lady love if she is quite the bookworm.

1) The book plate

Buy an expensive edition of a book that she loves and presumably has one herself. Add a custom made book plate to it with the words,” From the library of Mr and Mrs (Your Last Name).”

2) Write a book

Well don’t write an entire book. Just write a few pages of how you met, fell in love and eventually got married. Attach these pages to a proper book and indulge in proper binding. She should get the message.


3) Slipping the ring in the book.

This is a tricky one. Hollow out any book, put the ring inside it and gift it to her. However, there is a good chance if she is a huge book lover, she might just be too taken aback by the loss of a valuable book. Best of luck.

4) Do it John Green’s way

What author John Green did: Went to a book signing of an author he and his wife both liked, and got the author to inscribe the book, “Dear [girlfriend’s name], Will you marry John Green? -[Famous author’s name]”

5) The book mark.

Insert a custom made book mark inside a book she is currently reading. Leave the words,” Paused as of right now until engaged to (Your name).”


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