The floating Books!

floating books

The world is progressing at such a rate that it has become impossible to understand what will limit man’s imagination. We have autonomous vehicles on the brink of genesis, manned missions to far off planets and now we have a floating bookshelf (how cool is this)!

Say goodbye to your traditional bookshelves! The same bookshelves which were too bulky and made you look nerdy. Advancements in technology have introduced a never seen before concoction. Your walls will be the shelves themselves and to the naked eye it will seem as though the books are floating in thin air. To the careful observer the invention will be clear.

This magical device consists of thin metal plate joined to the wall using a screw. A big hardcover book is used to cover the metallic side and rest of the books go on top of it to hide the remaining metallic side. It’s the perfect addition to a reader’s arsenal, and what’s more it comes in different sizes!

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