The Sound of Stars

In the list of the many unheard things, comes another entry! Yes it’s  true. Though the universe contains vacuum only, there still exist electronic vibrations of the planets, moons and rings, electromagnetic fields of the planets and moons, planetary magnetosphere, trapped radio waves bouncing between the planet and the inner surface of it’s atmosphere, charged particle interactions of the planet, it’s moons and the solar wind, and from charged particle emissions from the rings of certain planets. All in all, sounds still exists in the form of electromagnetic vibrations and can be detected using specially designed instruments developed by NASA.


Looking into outer space, we often assume it would be absolutely silent. Little do we realize that the universes is teeming with planetary music. There also exist Beethovens and Mozarts, spreading their symphonies far and wide! The sounds these planets give off are absolutely breathtaking:

Sometimes we do wonder though (people like us, with not-so-scientific bent of mind) whether this sound is created by planet, or someone on those planets! Do give it a thought!

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