Famous Author and Poet “Charles Bukowski” Talks About Losing his Virginity


Losing your virginity can sometimes be overrated and more often than not is over really soon. While we are not advertising any kind of advice for first timers, we are just trying to share the universal truth. In case you want some first-hand account of what actually transpires in the bedroom then look no further. The great writer and infamous womaniser, Charles Bukowski shares his experience of losing his virginity.

il_570xN.457875930_sc82He gave the interview with a glass in his hand and the words escaping his mouth with the utmost of romanticism. Surprisingly the first time he made love was when he was 24 years old. It wasn’t his girlfriend or anything, just a 300 pound harlot. He wasn’t pretty or rich. He was a bum (in his own words). He met her in a bar. Just like him, she also lacked company. She liked him and they went home together. Since it was his first time, he decided to work and work and work (to make an impression). Halfway through it he thought to himself,” Is this how sex feels, because it sure seems lousy?” So he got up in the morning and saw this huge beast lying on her back and snoring. It was the kind of snore which freaked you out. While fornicating the couple had managed to destroy the entire bed. The legs were broken and pieces of wood lay scattered everywhere. After gaining some form of semblance he looked around for his pants and wallet. He realised the giant had taken them. He woke her up and using some of his trash talk he asked her to get the hell out (we cannot display the trash talk here. But trust me, it was epic!).


After she left, he decided to tie the legs of the bed. While fixing it he found his wallet. In that moment he regretted everything he had said to her. He ran back down looking for her but all in vain.

So that folks is how the great Charles Bukowski made love for the first time.

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