Feast: An Adorable Illustrated Tale on How a Man’s Love Life is Revealed Through Shared Meals With his Beloved Dog

In this story, a man’s love life is revealed through shared meals with his beloved dog. Let us see how…

While licking at discarded fast food wrappers, a stray male Boston Terrier puppy spots a French fry dropped on the ground and eats it. James, the man who dropped the fry, offers a second one to the puppy.


He then takes the puppy home. James names him Winston and begins feeding him portions of his own meals and junk food in addition to regular kibble.


and feeds him more..


and more…

anigif_original-grid-image-12667-1415401059-16 anigif_original-grid-image-12667-1415401066-21

One day, James begins a relationship with a waitress at a local restaurant.


She persuades him to take up a healthier diet and lifestyle, but the change upsets Winston as the leftovers James slips to him now consist of vegetables, which he hates.

images (1)


Eventually, the couple breaks up, sending James into a deep depression and causing him to revert to his old eating habits, a treat for Winston again!


Recognizing James’ low spirits, Winston snatches a piece of parsley he has kept as his only reminder of his girlfriend and races out of the apartment to find her.



James follows Winston to the restaurant, where he reconciles with her.


and the two marry soon afterward.


And even though Winston doesn’t get any junk food now, he’s still happy, satisfied and contented.


Some time after the couple have moved into a new house, Winston spots a meatball rolling across the kitchen floor, eats it, and follows the trail of sauce left behind by a second one. He reaches the base of a high chair occupied by the couple’s infant child, who happily throws another meatball to him.


As the film ends, Winston gets ready to feast on a tray of cupcakes knocked off a table during the child’s first birthday party.


Enjoy the illustration? you will love the video as well..

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