Art Divine: Sacred Hindu History in Pop Art style illustrations

If Pixar decides to make a movie based on Indian Mythologies, probably this is how people outside India and those not familiar with sacred Hindu history & Hindu religion will visualize the Indian God & Goddess.


The impact of Animation movies, comic books is very strong among the kids & grown-ups alike. The audience for a well made animation movie or an interestingly designed comic book would be huge and hence they would have a bigger impact on the  awareness level of people and not the religious books which are actually restricted to a very specific set of people. The new-age tools of entertaining & engagement have the power to bring together people from across the world cutting across religious & geographical boundaries.


Illustrations from Sanjay Patel’s book ‘The Little Book of Hindu Deities” 



Illustrations from Sanjay Patel’s book ‘The Big Poster Book of Hindu Deities’

bhd_001 bhd_003 bhd_005 bhd_007 bhd_013 bhd_015

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