Saturn Can Float In Water

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Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, has beautiful rings composed of ice particles. Saturn is sometimes called “The Jewel of the Solar System.” It is a planet that is nothing like our own. Humans have been gazing up at Saturn for a long time. They have been wondering about it for thousands of years. It is the second largest planet in the Solar System, yet it is the least dense – it would float in water if there were a bathtub large enough to hold it!!

Saturn is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium and does not have a solid surface. It has 25 satellites that measure at least 10 km in diameter – the largest, Titan, is the only moon in the Solar System with a substantial atmosphere. Saturn’s interior is thought to contain fluid metallic hydrogen – a substance that cannot be studied directly because it is not possible to recreate the very high temperatures and pressures at which it is predicted to form.

This is not all!!! There are other facts about Saturn that are sure to increase the size of your pupil!

You cannot stand on Saturn. It is not like Earth. Saturn is made mostly of gases. It has a lot of helium. This is the same kind of gas that you put in balloons.

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It’s beautiful rings are not solid. They are made up of bits of ice, dust and rock. Some of these bits are as small as grains of sand. Some are much larger than tall buildings. Some are up to a kilometer (more than half-a-mile) across.

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Other planets have rings. Saturn‘s rings are the only ones that can be seen from Earth. All you need is a small telescope.

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Saturn goes around the Sun very slowly. A year on Saturn is more than 29 Earth years. Saturn spins on its axis very fast. A day on Saturn is 10 hours and 14 minutes.

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The Ringed Planet is so far away from the Sun that it receives much less sunlight than we do here on Earth. Yes, the Sun looks smaller from there.

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The day Saturday was named after Saturn. The planet Saturn was named after the Roman god of time and this is perhaps why the slowest (in orbit around the Sun) of the five bright planets was named after him. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of Jupiter.

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