The Right Book at the Right Time can Ignite a Lifelong Habit

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Our world is bursting with millions and millions of people. Let categorize them into 2: Readers and Non-readers. Have you ever pondered though, what differentiates the former category from the latter? Have you thought why some people are fond of reading while others aren’t? Let us delve into the mind of a reader!

Why some people like to read? Well, there is no definite answer! If there was a definite answer, there would be more best-selling books like the “Harry Potter Series” or “Pride and Prejudice”.  The entire concept of reading psychology, at times seems surreal and out of this world with no logical answers whatsoever. All in all, it is an abstract and aesthetic concept. It happens at times, that people who’s parents read, tend to develop this habit too, but again, we all know that mother nature guarantees absolutely nothing. Devoted teachers and librarians can also be influential. But despite the interference of book groups and literary blogs, reading is ultimately a “personal thing”. Why people read what they read is a great unknown concept!

There is a saying, that the right book at the right time can ignite a lifelong habit. This sentence is sure to persist in the mind of any literature enthusiast. It can affect a person in a positive way. For instance, we find a book at a particular mental stage. We seem to like the book so much that we crave for more. Once we read another book, interest develops and we long for more and more books. This triggers thirst for books and develops a reading habit among us. For some, it’s the discovery that a book’s character is like you, or thinks and feels like you. It may be the protagonist or the villain of the story. If that character resembles you, in your subconscious mind, you feel attracted to the book!

Photo Credit:- Pinterest

We of course do not include this kind of leisure reading in a professional category. Professional category in the sense that one is forced to read a certain kind of book to procure knowledge because it is “professionally” needed. We include leisure reading here, not the kind of reading that is thrust upon us. It’s that excitement of trying to discover that unknown world, opened up by a book that goes down easy.  And certain books that become phenomena — like those in the Harry Potter series or Pride and Prejudice introduce people to the world of reading, create book lovers. These kind of books then render people waiting for the upcoming books and thus addict them to the habit of reading!

Book sales in general are growing only slightly: According to the Book Industry Study Group, a publishing trade association, the number of books sold last year, 3.1 billion, was up just 0.5 percent from a year earlier. The question of whether reading, or reading books in particular, is essential is complicated by the fact that part of what draws people to books can now be found elsewhere — and there is only so much time to consume it all.

Readers are now, reaching across to each other over the internet and in other ways to discover other readers with similar interests and preferences. Reading books nowadays isn’t merely a habit now, it is a hobby. Television shows never fail to entertain, but to book lovers, they can never substitute the story hidden in those pages and the smell of a new book. Books have outlived many death knells, and are likely to keep doing so. Books don’t have billion-dollar publicity behind them. Given the fact that books don’t have that, they’re not doing a bad job!

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