An Illustrated Tale on Love, Luck and Significance of The Chain Of Events In Life: The Danish Poet

This is a story about how each and every thing in life happens for a purpose and how one event leads to another. Here the narrator narrates the tale of how her parents met and thus she was born..

Kaspar Jørgensen, a Danish poet is bored and in search of inspiration to write.


Not knowing what to do, he decides to go to his psychiatrist, Dr. Mørk. Dr. Mørk tells him to go on a vacation to Norway.



He travels to Norway for a vacation and to meet the famous author Sigrid Undset.


On his way to Mrs. Undset’s  house, its starts raining, so he takes shelter at a farmer’s place.



Here he meets Ingeborg, a farmer’s daughter, and they fall in love.


He proposes to her but realizes that she had already been engaged to the farmer on the nearby farm. She couldn’t go against her father’s wishes.



She gives Kaspar, a lock of her hair and promises not to cut her hair until they are reunited.



Kaspar forgot all about his intended visit to Sigrid Unset and returned to Denmark.


Years later, Ingeborg’s husband dies in an accident, and Ingeborg sends a letter to Kaspar, telling him that she was now free to marry him.


However, it is accidentally dropped by the postman, and never received by Kaspar.


Meanwhile, Ingeborg employed children from the neighbourhood to brush and comb her hair. A little girl was her favourite one.


Then, Sigrid Undset dies. Downcast, Kaspar goes to Dr. Mørk  to express his grief over the death of his favourite author.


The doctor asks hims to go to the funeral. Meanwhile, Ingeborg also sets off for the funeral, for Sigrid Undset is her distant relative. Both Kasper and Ingeborg are reunited at the funeral!


They lead a happy life thereafter but Ingeborg grows concerned about her hair and seeks an opportunity to cut them. One day when Kasper trips over her hair, she finds an opportunity and immediately calls for the little girl, who used to braid her hair.


That little girl is now a grown lady. She takes the train to Denmark.


The train is crowded and sits next to a gentleman.


The gentleman was also travelling to Denmark to meet Kasper, who was his favourite author.


On arriving at Denmark, Ingeborg receives a nice haircut and the gentleman and that ‘once little girl’ fall in love.

22 23

This lady and this gentleman, who met on the train are the narrator’s parents.



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