George R.R. Martin’s Hilarious Inspiration for Game of Thrones


It has been often been said that the minds of certain people are capable of creating a world so dense and complex whose understanding eludes the sanity of the normal ones. Be it the harry potter saga or the LOTR saga. Readers and audiences were baffled and mesmerised alike. With the dawn of the new millennium our world was graced again by the creation of a complex mind. George R.R. Martin created one of the most exciting and gripping books of all time. His books reached a new level of captivation and interest. That’s not it. His books very adapted into the ever so popular TV series called the Game of Thrones.


GOT has become a revelation and a cult. Its popularity came as no surprise. The show which lured in the biggest of stars and the best of writers , it has been on rise ever since its inception. With Martin himself at the helm of proceedings, the readers and audiences were bound to be feted. The question that begins to emanate in a budding writer’s mind is “what inspired such a monstrosity?” The answer is turtles. Yes .Turtles. “In America at the time, in places like Woolworths, you could buy ‘dime store turtles’ – they came in a little plastic bowl, it had water down one side and a divider down the middle, gravel on the other side and a little fake palm tree. Those were the only pets we could have.

I had a toy castle set up near my bed, made of tin, and the courtyard was just big enough for two turtle tanks, and I had five or six turtles who lived in the castle. I decided they were knights, lords and kings, so I started writing this whole fantasy series about the turtle kingdom and the king of the turtles. And these particular turtles seemed to die very easily. I don’t think it was really a very good environment for them. Sometimes they would escape and you would find them under the refrigerator a month later, all dead. So my turtles kept dying, which was very distressing but it also made me think, ‘Why are they dying? Well, they are killing each other in sinister plots.’ I started writing this fantasy about who was killing who, and the wars for succession. So Game of Thrones originally began with turtles, I think.” – George R.R. Martin .

Thus the origin of the turtle hats that he fittingly sports. Take nothing away from this genius, it still takes a lot of work and thinking to come up with the right plot and story. It may be a gift or sheer hard work. Whatever it is Martin found the right combination. His advice to all the writers, you ask? “Go on. Keep dreaming”(pun intended).

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