Ashesh, Bhuwan.


Ashesh, Bhuwan, Prachi.


We are a young, curious bunch of people converging together from a vast array of disciplines: software programmers, iOS developers, engineers, writers, editors, visual artists, web designers, we have them all. The one common thread that ties us all is our love for books. We love to inhabit the magical worlds created by books and believe that with this effort on our part in the real world, bridging the two will not be as distant a dream as some might make us believe.



We have a small but devout team of content writers for our blog. We are always on a lookout for original, ingenious content. We usually post articles on contemporary literary trends and events, unless we come across something irresistibly good from another planet! If you want to write for us, feel free to fill this form and send us a sample of your writing. We will only be too happy to publish your work!

Apply as a Content Writer


A culture of reading cannot be acquired by sitting in front of desktops all day long. Our Campus Ambassadors take our vision to colleges and form reading groups, hold discussions,Β  stir up book lovers on campus, and most importantly, inject a spirit of unbridled coolness into ReadersDoor.

If your college is not represented on ReadersDoor, fill up this form and dare to take the mantle forward!


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